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Newsflash: I.O.S.C.B pick for international player - Alan Farkus E.A.A.C.B

In keeping with the rules of the upcoming TASRR World Series Cricket competition (Bodyline series MKII), the IOSCB has met in a EBM to discuss the 2 international selections. For the proposed first pick the board has unanimously supported the motion to send an invitational to the EAACB for the services of Alan Farkus (a.k.a F**K You).

Farkus has been touted as being the next great allrounder of WSC(USA). He currently opens the bowling for the EAA and has a formidable record with consistent bowling speeds at over 150km, he has a huge bumper ball that has got under the chin of many an FAA inspector and as first drop for the EAA, has the incredible batting figures of 99.9.

We (the IOSCB) hope the IOS membership fully support our first international selection and nominations for the 2nd selection are now open.

Some excerpts off the CV of Alan Farkus (a.k.a F**k You)....

Aero-News Update: The Other Shoe Drops -- EAA Files Brief in EAA v FAA Fee War

Aero-News Podcast MP3

Petition for Review and Other Relief
Regardless; make no mistake about it... a decidedly and increasingly unkind and unfriendly FAA has now learned in no uncertain terms that a once compliant General and Sport Aviation community is starting to wake up to the realities of a federal government that is more interested in politics and serving itself than doing the job is has done for decades -- and is still expected to do. {hmm...sounds familiar }

If the FAA thought the entire industry was going to roll over and let them run roughshod over our rights and their responsibilities (to us), then it seems that the time has come to disabuse them of that notion. And we MUST offer serious kudos to EAA for having the Cojones to step up and meet the FAA on the legal field of battle... we were worried that they didn't have it in them... and now we know they do.

From here on out, it looks to be a dogfight, folks, and we'll keep you updated.

EAA's Legal Position:
  • The FAA's Decision to Demand Payment from EAA for ATC Services at AirVenture Is Arbitrary, Capricious, an Abuse of Discretion, and Otherwise Not in Accordance with Law.
  • The FAA Lacks Statutory Authority to Impose Fees on EAA for ATC Services.
  • The FAA's Charge for ATC Services Is an Unlawful User Fee
  • The FAA's Imposition of Fees on EAA for ATe Services Violates the Separation of Powers Doctrine
  • The Purported Agreement Is Invalid Due to Duress
Gotta love the yanks...

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