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More tea Vicar?

I hardly ever wish-upon-a-star; the occasional muttered comment to whatever pagan gods are handy serves any need for divine intervention; but I'd probably do both to be at the briefing sessions between Team Truss and the Pel Air Senate crew. The outcome of that is going to decide what colour the elephant gets painted. It's a racing certainty that without the drive, dedication and determination of that Senate committee, it's all over, bar the shouting.

The weasel words are flowing, trite little apologies, enough spin to shame a whirling dervish, severely constricted ToR and the joys of defo threatening are all part of the Murky Machiavellian toolkit. Neat little tricks to block parliamentary privilege, tame professional board sitters; the show is starting to look more a vicars tea party than a down and dirty attempt to straighten out the mess.

Aye well, at least when the next preventable smoking hole appears, we can define precisely just who's hands are bloody. We did try to warn them.

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