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12th Man and all that.

I agree with Sarcs # 119; Reiss is probably a reasonable cove, certainly a good (if not the best) choice of fellah to carry the drinks and lick the invitation envelopes. But the slippery notion that AOPA; (as in the real muscle, heavy metal USA version), is representing the local domestic product at what was to be a serious review is risible.

The AOPAA, that is the Australian, non aligned version has, since 2000 slowly declined to insignificance, achieving very little of any great benefit to the unwashed, unshriven masses. The Sarcs post highlights a singular lack of performance; the diminishing membership reflects an inability to generate interest in any positive way and the lack of any sort of guidance on matters aeronautical is notable. The AAAA, AHIA, RAAA, AMROBA, have done some very heavy lifting in all areas of concern and have lead by example. The 2008 submissions mentioned for example showed a real commitment toward assisting industry in a positive, non-combative approach to dealing with the issues as they arose.

Nope: sorry, but whoever made certain that the Minister pulled the AOPAA name out of his hat is, shall we say, 'misinformed'. If we must have a specialist "GA expert advisor" to carry the drinks, manage the dinner seating cards and arrange the flowers, there are better representatives from an extensive list organisations. Why not select the CEO, GM or CP of a fair dinkum company, there is a fairly extensive list of first class GA/Regional operations to choose from; RFDS, Police Air-wing, Sharp, Air North, Qlink etc. etc. Much more in touch with coal face issues and far, far removed from the rarefied atmosphere of what is now a small, select, specialised user of non renewable resources.

Creamy has the right of it: a one sentence email supporting any of the major players will do a lot more good than sitting back, depending on the 12th man and associated cronies.

Many people dropped their AOPA membership in years past because of instability and wasteful expenditure. The current AOPA Committee is determined not to let that happen again.

Put simply, Im writing to ask you to give AOPA another chance.
Just about says it all for my AUD$ 0. 20.

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