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The EU should immediately deliver an "official ultimatum" to the UK PM David Cameron's coalition government forthwith:

"SHAPE UP, SHUT UP OR SHIP OUT", you have 12 months to deliver?! Especially in view of the UK's latest tirade of the EU here

Why don't you just do us all the pleasure of simply "buggering-off" rapidly? Before any so-called referendum etc.? You're becoming a major pain in the arse (if you don't know what that means, please consult your fellow public-school colleagues...).

12 months would be about sufficient in most cases for UK expatriates currently working in, retired to or residing in other EU countries to apply for alternative citizenship.

Allowing you to go along your merry way for the next 12 months, antagonising the EU at every step, until you're preferably "thrown-out" of the EU or decide to "exit" yourself at an earlier date.

PS. Better make sure that existing "pension obligations" are 100% respected between the EU and an "ex. EU UK" (unlike the UK and Canada...). Otherwise, I may have to dig out my ageing Bren-gun from the garden and settle scores whilst I'm still able to walk...
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