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Red face Underarm bowling, Senators and the IOS

Kharon, nice footage. Taken from an era probably a decade AFTER the regulatory reform commenced?
Let's take a wander back a tad, to 1981, back before Frankenstein's monster was born in a Government lab:
Now that is the kind of strategic move I would expect CASA to pull out of its magicians bag. What we need is a cricket team made up of IOS, real aviation experts and non party aligned Senators to counteract the 'Chappelising' of our industry.

Creampuff, no arguments from me. I agree that the pressure would have to come from non party aligned Senators. Although I still do believe in the integrity of Xenophon without a shadow of a doubt, and I believe that his intent is genuine, it's just that the horsepower doesn't appear to be there.
A smart move would be for the non affiliated Senators to pick up the Australian aviation thread and start a plan of action. They have a couple of years to learn the aviation ropes, pick up some robust advisors from the IOS and sharpen the knives and plant the pineapple seeds. It will take 2 and a bit years to pull a strong package together, but hey, reg reform has been drifting along for 25 years now, so this could be non aligned Senators meal ticket into the big sandpit. And they would garnish a lot of support from a large number of IOS voters.

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