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well, with the oxygen mask on during an emergency descent you can still communicate pretty easily. The mask has an inbuilt mic that works pretty well. If the mask wasnt on, well...that's a different story.

As for an engine flameout, it's pretty straightforward. All you do is disconnect the autothrottle and move the thrust levers to idle. The entire engine relight sequence is automatic and controlled by the FADEC. That is, provided you have at least 7.2% N2 rotation, which at 6000fpm, would not be an issue. Even the RAT deployment is automatic, so I'd be interested to know whether or not is was out at impact.

As for the glide, only ever done one in the sim (thankfully) and it may not have too much range, but it is still controllable. It can be a pain because you lose the fly-by-wire, but without extreme column movements it can be done.
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