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Suspect Ethel was referring to this?, maybe..?

Christopher Pyne, the minister of muddles, is really the artful dodger

"What were the most damning indictments that Tony Abbott made of the two Labor governments that preceded him? That they suffered from ''chaos and dysfunction'' and that they broke a core promise - they ''lied''."

So what's different? Same bunch of clowns wearing a different coloured tie!

What is it about Chris Haneef Payne? (Yeah I know, but he really is a Pain) He's a colossal f*%k up at every turn, yet they persist with him? He must really have some dirt on the faceless men in the LN Pardee to still be where he is!


Ha ha......I do hope they are taking their back flip tuition from Costello, himself a black belt master of political back flips!
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