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Rookie here... :)

Alright, new one here joining in this conversation.

Just did my Stage 0 online test, waiting to find out how it went. Worst for me was the verbal, ended up in trouble with the time allowed and just guessed the last one before time ended. Numerical and error was able to finish them all, am quite confident especially with the error checking.

Any ideas what's the passing limit with these updated tests??
Hopefully we'll get a proper conversation going in here with these new and updated tests...what in what Stage now compared to the old ones.

Not looking for the answers though, don't get me wrong, just wanting to hear how people have experienced those tests.

Good luck all of you, anyone here who's currently in college?? Would love to hear from your experiences?

EDIT: Took off the question about how long it takes to get the info after Stage 0...for me it took roughly 1 hour. And I'm through to Stage 1, yaayy.
Now of to do some prep for those diagrammatical and spatial reasoning ones which will be next in line.

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