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"Flieg, as you should well know, Mr Abbott or the Liberal party did not organise said signs nor did he choose to stand in front of them, the demonstrators chose to find the best spot for the best media coverage."

No I didn't know that DK, I wouldn't have thought such a bunch of yobs would be so freely able to assemble themselves like that behind a TA speech, that they were even allowed to, or allowed to continue

" as from all I've seen of the man is he is a paragon of gentlemanliness - polite, respectful, family man, devout."

No doubt you would find people who would say the same of K Rudd., though I don't necessarily see why being a family man or being devout is prime ministership material. I've never seen Ummm Ahh Abbott polite, and his remarks to a dying man were anything but respectful.

Why would I attack TA for scrapping the carbon tax? In my opinion he shouldn't be trying to introduce (cotton you say?) an emissions trading scheme either (or whatever tax methodology he wishes to add to our daily lives), but that's just me.

Can't comment on boat arrivals, the compliant MSM have been instructed not to report on them, maybe they still come, maybe they do not. Also, if all we're allowed is a set piece once a (week / fortnight?) for operational reasons, then Scott Morrison's squealing daily in the MSM prior to election was tantamount to aiding and abetting the people smugglers.

The whole world of unaffordable welfare handouts that will be the paid parental leave is perhaps a vulnerability you'd care to comment on?

Some very embarrassing paying back of travel claims by MPs going to the Footy, or society weddings in India? That's another vulnerability.

Going back on election promises re education funding? That would be a vulnerability.....there'll be more

One of the shortest 'Honeymoon' periods in electoral history could certainly shape up to be a real vulnerability!
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