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Mi mi

New regulations being introduced next year will require all air transport flights in helicopters with passengers operating at night to be equipped with an autopilot or a two-pilot crew. While this extends the range of operations required to have such risk controls, the ATSB notes it does not address the situation for other helicopter operations, namely those not carrying passengers.
The 'fix' is dependant then upon the new regs next year? And what happens when the new 'regs' (as robustly promulgated by our Capital 'R' Regulator) don't come to fruition for another decade?? Which is the norm by the way. The risks remain and life as they say goes on. Good old Beaker and his wet lettuce move on to the next investigation in which CASA will obviously once again escape unharmed if found to be part of the root cause, or at least be found to have inefficient regulations?

As creamy would say 'talk talk talk'. Mi mi mi Beaker and his tautological outcomes, all folly. As for Fort Fumble they don't like those pesky whirlybirds anyway, the more that crash the less there are to regulate!!

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