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Fresh air for all.

377 # 104 "So my suggestion to the Senators would be this. Once the scope of the upcoming estimates/inquiry/inquisition has been set, ask respondents to supply documentation on how they received an unscheduled audit, regulatory action, a show cause, increased surveillance, persuaded to remove a key person such as HOFO or HAAMC, after a complaint was made to the ICC or taken up with the AAT!"
Is the incoming 'panel' prepared and briefed for what is coming at them ? ready or not. If they expect an elegant little sit down to chew over, along with the shortbread and Orange Pekoe a way to sketch around the appalling mess in which the regulatory reform has landed, then gods help them.

Perhaps they should call for submissions first, hire a team of the quality Steven Palethorpe ran for the Senate Pel Air inquiry (superb) and then reassess the ToR. The Reg mess is merely a symptom, not the disease: that is internal, deep seated and chronic. The "You can't deal with truth" quote from the movie comes to mind. The question is not can they, but will they? Watching, waiting, watching, waiting.

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