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Probably - he just likes to watch.

Estimates Hansard – 18/11/13. P.71 PDF - P. 67 Hansard.(My bold)

Senator FAWCETT: You recently released a report about the crash of the ABC helicopter, which I commend you for. I am a little disturbed when I look back at the report about the helicopter that crashed off the Queensland coast some years ago—basically it was a controlled flight into water, with the understanding that there had been disorientation. Very similar recommendations came out of that in terms of changing the regulations to look at either augmentation of stability systems or two crew, et cetera. What gives you confidence that we will see action in response to this latest report when clearly nothing occurred in response to your last report?
Here is where the pictures were brilliant – Now, I don't know whether the poor man had wind, or if the bloke alongside has just let rip. But I got a top screen shot of his face, (I regret NFP here). The print, now a glossy, framed 8" x 10" is hanged (yes) behind the bar of the BRB favourite water hole; priceless. But I digress:-

Mr Dolan: What gives us increased confidence is that Civil Aviation Safety Regulation part 133 is almost in place and involves for passenger carrying air transport operations a requirement for an autopilot in helicopters.

Mr Dolan: Not under the regulations as they stood at the time, but we are also advised by CASA that they are going to redefine the classification of operations, particularly in relation to aeromedical work. We agree. In 2004 we made a recommendation in relation to autopilots for a range of helicopter activities, not just passenger transport. We will continue to watch to ensure that the intent of that recommendation is met through the regulations CASA is putting into place.

Senator FAWCETT: Sure. As I, hopefully, indicated at the start, I fully support your indication; having flown unaided and aided, I can see that there is clearly a safety benefit in that. My concern is that good intentions did not fix it from 2004 and good intentions will not fix it now. I am interested in what concrete actions ATSB are going to take to try to bring either to CASA or to your secretary or the minister an awareness of where these gaps are such that we achieve a safe outcome.

Mr Dolan: Our starting point will be CASA's response to that particular investigation report on the ABC helicopter you are talking about. We certainly want to understand better the new CASA part 133 and what that means not just for passenger operations but more broadly. Depending on what happens with that, the commission reserves the right to make recommendations after receiving responses from various organisations, but we do not have any power to direct any organisation. We only have the power to recommend.

Senator FAWCETT: Chair, can I clarify: in the previous discussion Senator Xenophon was asking CASA for a copy of the advice that was provided to the previous minister?

CHAIR: For which there is no impediment.

Senator FAWCETT: So I relay the same request to ATSB: that we see a copy of the response to the Senate report into the air accident investigation that was provided to the minister.

Well done PPRuNe, well done Sarcs and Bravo Senator Fawcett.........

Oh - Has anyone woken Aunty up yet??.....

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