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Seek'n Yeeshall

It's to be hoped that the 'big end' of industry have been looking hard at either adopting new the rule set and jacking up prices to cover the impost; or, more sensibly bugging out and moving shop to a sensible regulatory regime. In a honest attempt to answer HLB question, been poking about to see 'who' is doing the heavy lifting on behalf of the 'lighter' end of the industry.

The two standouts both have their roots in engineering, Jeff Boyd (-RAAA-) and Ken Cannane (-Amroba-). Seems to me a lot of trees could be spared by simply providing an individual statement supporting their efforts. The amount of 'front of house' work done is impressive, but the work done 'back stage' is truly remarkable. Well done both and thank you.

The rest just seem to be like those 'nodders' you always see stood behind some windy polly; nodding away furiously at their masters words, which is (IMO) no way to represent industry.
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