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Llamaman, well said, I presume it is comments like this
Those who say "pilot error. End of." are incompetent to hold any role in flight safety, even if they may hold some (self) important elevated position in the military.
you are referring to.

HC, get off your high horse, we have had a 'just culture' in military flight safety for many years. Your comments just make you look petty and insecure. A safety culture that won't recognise that people can actually be at fault (because they made a mistake) but constantly seeks to make excuses for that fault, isn't making anything safer at all, just denying the obvious (and often uncomfortable) truth.

No-one is saying these guys should be sacked, they may need some retraining and probably some lengthy therapy to get over what happened but having an accident shouldn't make anyone unemployable. God knows, it used to be said that the only way to get promoted in the military was to crash an aircraft!
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