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It is occasionally (often) disheartening to see such fractures within the GA community that you could swallow up the Grand Canyon in them.

Most, if not all professional occupations have a body that represents the interests of their, well professionals.

Aviation has none. Aviation seems to be, in my limited understanding of the system, in the clutches of an organised syndicate that plays the role of lawmaker, policeman, judge, jury and executioner.

If the same requirements as for flying an aircraft were applied to driving a car just in terms of being required to know and comprehend the raw legislation, which is still written in legalese and not plain English, itself a complete failure of the original intent behind the re-write - there would be no cars on the road.

HLB is spot on. The GA representative has to make more noise and have a smarter PR and a better face on TV than CASA and shout the woes of GA not just across the reverberant halls of the dominion but from every mountain top, at every accident, from every trig station and every news cross.

It also needs to be pre-emptive rather than just responsive, it needs to dictate the agenda rather than follow. Pro-active rather than re-active. It needs to be telling the community at large how fantastic a job its members are doing, from saving lives to pretty pictures to traffic reports, to training the finest of their young, etc. Bring some joy back into the business!!
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