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"Shields Down" does not connote unprofessional insulting posts will be accepted , tolerated or appreciated.

TC has crossed the line and got called out by many of us.....for the Tone and Spirit of his posts. No one has questioned his Professional background and experience, just his attitude and demeanor.

I did ask him just what authority he has to pass judgement on other's background, experience, training, and education that would allow him to call their posts "Fluff", "Froth" and similar names.

That is not questioning his background, etc. But it certainly challenges him to explain why he thought it proper to make the posts he has that are so objectionable.

Remember it was not me who called him a [email protected]!

If I decide his Tone destroys his credibility in my eyes...that is my business.

I made that decision and took my own private action to relieve me of seeing his posts.
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