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Post of the year award.

Can someone make sure the idiot reporters at the ABC get a copy of Sarcs # 53 where he does their job for them, properly and almost writes their story. What a sorry tale ABC investigative journalism makes, how sad that our national "razor sharp" press cannot research and develop a story that is very much in the nations interest. Why would they bother, it's probably more self indulgent and PC to publicly weep and wail over a lost comrade, rather than to try to understand why he's dead, why the ATSB and CASA are full of it and why entire industry is seriously pissed off. Wakey wakey Aunty....

I'll stick my neck out and say that the Sarcs post more clearly defines, in one page the need for reform than all the bloody awful polly chatter, CASA waffle and ATSB probability statements ever printed. Nicely played Sarcs, please accept my vote for the post of the year award. Bravo......Indeed, well done sirrah.
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