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Read back over your past dozen posts or so and you will see evidence that you have devoted scant effort in using a professional, polite, and appropriate tone in your posts.

Perhaps you might be able to do so in the future......as it is the right thing to do for any number of reasons.

Most important is your credibility which at this point suffers greatly due to the manner in which you have conducted yourself here.

Additionally, I would like to know just what your Bona Fides are that put you into the position to be the Judge of what others post...and decide for the rest of us what is Fluff, Froth, and other terms you use to describe others.

I thought about sending you a PM suggesting you mend your ways but decided against it as I felt it would probably do no good.

You understand perfectly well that any discussion of Private Messages is a Mortal Sin....and I would not be surprised to see Senior Pilot address that with you.....I certainly hope he does as it is warranted.

Simply put TC.....you come across as an officious, arrogant, obnoxious Prick and add less to the discussion they you detract with your repulsive manner.

In Jet Blast I use a technique I call "The Peanut Gallery" that allows me not to have to even see a post made by those who I promote to that not so illustrious group.

I have used that exactly once here at Rotorheads....but have decided it is appropriate in your case.

Congratulations.....you are now rear row, end seat in the Peanut Gallery.
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