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Thanks for all the input.
Is it at all possible doing the circuit you have accidentally broadcast 19, thus
he used 19 and went to get out of your way.
Possible but I'd been in the circuit on 01 prior even to him arriving.

did you have a second radio that was tuned to the area frequency? If he was
Medevac he would have reported it to ATC on contact with them. If I report
Medevac to ATC on the area, I'll generally also report it in my CTAF taxi call
as well, so that anyone who's not listening to the area frequency know's I'm in
a bit of a hurry.
Yep had it tuned to centre. No word of medevac.

As you were on a low level circuit, it makes it especially hard to see so cut some slack to the other pilot as maybe a portion of the error lays with you
Agree. I mainly posted here to work out protocol/courtesy. Call it threat and error management.

You saw him and dodged him - all good! Its the one you don't see that will kill
I'm over it guys. Thanks again for the input. I plan on giving them a call. Will let you know how I go.

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