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I didn't call base as I'd called late downwind, which he acknowledged.
I would have thought turning base is probably the most standard call in a CTAF - if you make only one call, it would be that one.

Hearing a downwind call, but no base call, the pilot may have assumed you were extending downwind to let him get away. If you are entering the runway, aircraft on downwind that have not yet called base are typically not a factor. Although taking off in the opposite direction does make a conflict more likely if e.g. they turn base as you start the takeoff roll. He probably thought his rolling call would mitigate that.

It sounds like there were assumptions on both sides. It's a fact of life in a CTAF I think - sooner or later somebody does something that is not what somebody else assumed they would do. Or even makes a mistake. It seems like the important thing is that there was enough radio calls etc. that at least one of you knew where the other aircraft was at all times, and so there was no real danger of collision - as opposed to failing to give way?
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