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Good question.

Well, a review is announced, due next year. It's time to answer the question posed by HLB #1.

If GA don't get some credible representation, the big end of town will gazump the show, the vested interests will bring on the razzle dazzle, ATSB will do the smoke and mirrors show, CASA will provide the dancing girls, the DOiT the trained seals and elephant show.

GA will contribute what exactly, last years flying cap, a scrap book of past operations or even a montage of closed workshops. I wonder if GA has the horsepower to take it to the inquiry or if the dear old donkey is so knackered and beaten that all it wants is to find a nice quiet paddock with a bit of shade, a bucket of water and some fresh grass to chew while it contemplates what used to be.

So then, who will represent GA at the next gummint sponsored circus?
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