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Nice pick up Sarcs. No doubt Beaker is churning out the work knowing for several months now that his mi mi mi empire would end up coming under the spotlight. I'm still looking forward to the Canadians releasing the results of their review next year. Not sure why though as nothing will get done with the findings.
It will be interesting to see the outcome of Truss's initiative next year with the 'independent' review. No doubt the report will be handed to the minister in which the government will respond to each recommendation with 'the government acknowledges that recommendation'. The usual carefully crafted responses in which the government doesn't actually agree to implement any changes, it just acknowledges that changes have been recommended.
Political school of bullshit 101.

Time will tell, but none of this would have been made possible without the growing number of IOS (and don't forget that Mr Truss's international panel of experts will themselves receive the opportunity to earn an honorary place among the IOS), or without the savvy Senators who have refused to allow polish to be applied liberally to the turd.

I would recommend that the review panel spend time with the good Senators and discuss the mystique of Australian aviation with them. I suggest Senator Nash's office, that way they can meet pot plant Pete.
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