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far better outcomes with CASA by working with them
Apologies for taking this out of the text to highlight something lost on many.

This mindset is why CASA are in the position of non accountability today. They work on the theory of "you're with us or agin us" and until the various "representative bodies come to terms with that they will remain outside any sphere of influence. You simply can't work "with" them and pretend to represent the members interests at the same time.

that is an absurd assessment and totally inaccurate
There are no apologies for this highlight. That statement itself is an absurd mis-statement of fact.

If there are two people in a lift and one farts, it's hard to blame it on the other bloke. The mentioned alphabet soup organization was instrumental in supporting the introduction of ASIC, indeed they wanted to issue the cards. They accepted cash to host "CASA roadshows", accepted free or token rates advertising in CASA blurbs, made submissions or didn't make submissions depending on the mood or benefit of individuals and became a "compliant" organization.

I could go on, but mere mention of "that" organization on these pages usually ends with exchanges of abuse and closing of threads. Posters should be cognizant of this "fact" as there is a lot of unsatisfied ex members with long memories still around. Oblique mentions are mildly tolerated from my experience.
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