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This case as reported - involves the usual muddled incompetence of the
British Govt. The Etheopian involved, despite being declared a failed
asylum seeker, was granted 10 years to remain in the UK while his case was being progressed. This time lapse has enabled him to engage lawyers (at our expense of course) resulting in taking Newcastle Council to the High Court (at further great expense to us) to succeed in winning his case.
The taxpayer will pick up the tab for the flying lessons and accomodation at 20,000 (despite his being under Home Office orders to be deported in one year) plus heavy legal fees the sum of which has as yet not been
disclosed. It is not clear whether or not he will go on to apply for Commercial pilot training, estimated at 80,000 (or whatever the going rate maybe).

No surprise then that the UK is indeed seen by those abroad as Treasure
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