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Thanks for the last few posts chaps, there arent too many avenues for discussion of such a specialised topic but it is of anorak interest to some like myself.

I think we can deduce that the availability of further airfields in the South Atlantic is largely irrelevant to the regional threat.

I do however question the continuing vulnerability of the islands under certain circumstances, one of which Cokecan eludes to.

I believe that on at least one occasion 2 FJs and the tanker launched from MPA but were subsequently unable to recover there due to wx deterioration. It provoked a rather ignominious diversion to Chile, only after having asked Argentina whether they would mind awfully if they overflew.

Fortunately in this instance common sense prevailed and permission was
granted, but what if it hadnt been?

And theres nothing quite like advertising when your in a state of compromise. Any potential aggressor might naturally consider developing a strategy for a more robust response whenever this scenario might recurr.

Any thoughts?

Maybe someone could at least explain why given that Autoland is older than I am, why we cant land in pea soup however thick it is?

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