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part 61 to kill GA

Talk to your contacts at major flying schools and you will hear a tail of terror in that the new part 61 will be so difficult to comply with they will choose to close down. Heli schools will be worse. I have heard that some schools will be faced with costs approaching $100k pa to stay alive. Many instructors will have numerous tests pa, some perhaps as many as 70 !! There are many holes in this change and only the Minister has the power to change or delay it and as it has already passed in Parliament then it is there that the changes should be pushed. Together with the new maint requirements it is indeed possible that GA will die over the next decade unless something is done to help make it work. Take a recent change in 100.5 in regard to transponder checks... the easy way to comply is to remove the transponder and keep flying. As we all know, TCAS does not work too well if the target does not have an operating transponder!! And CASA say it is all about safety - what rubbish!
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