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Attention Right Wing Labor; There's a job that needs doing. Bunnings can assist with the necessary equipment ...

An interesting -and I suspect accurate - observation made by 'Eunita' on the Pickering blog about the continuing disclosures on travel rorts.
And this is the whole problem with kicking the opposing side without first checking that your own affairs are squeaky clean. The Qld LNP have also learned this the hard way.

All this has done is confirm to the long suffering Australian public that political snouts in the trough is a bi-partisan practice. Anyway, I'm off to work out how my recent trip to see family was really for the benefit of my employer. 1. I wasn't at work whinging, 2. I came back happy and relaxed (for an hour or so), 3. A couple of people there worked in the same industry, well vaguely. 100% Expense claim coming at ya!
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