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Pause for reflection?

Posted here as it seems pertinent to the Senate discussions:-

Pro Aviation Paul Phelan. The latest article is an interesting, subtle piece, worth the few moments it takes to read. The question "what went wrong?" is 'germane' it also presents a refresher on one of Dick Smith's best efforts; perhaps this is why the iron ring got tighter. Say what you like about Dick, he does get accused of many things for which he was not responsible, but the Phelan article (for mine) highlights the well meaning intentions of the man, if nothing else. Two years in the Hall of Doom is worth cherry picking, even if you are dedicated anti Smith; at least he has actually been there and will stand behind the words. Admirable quality in any man.

If, as I did, you fail to read the introduction and launch straight into the 'guts'; it's a surprise when you see who wrote it and when. Anyway for weel of for woe the piece is on Paul's website....
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