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If this is true, there'll be cheers from every uniformed member of the ADF. The rot of civilian oversight of everything set in a long time ago and has become a monster. The average uniformed senior officer goes into Russell Hill for a three year posting, probably 75% of them wishing they were back in an operational unit - or anywhere but Canberra. The civilian mandarins within Defence have been there all their working lives, so know the System backwards - and more importantly, know how to run rings around their uniformed colleagues.

If it's anything today like it was when I was there, I'd say 80% of the civilians within Defence could be dumped and nothing would be lost - in fact, it would be a major improvement.

My prediction, I'm afraid, is not what most would like to hear. the civilian mandarins are so adept that protecting their empires that it's almost a guarantee that many if not most of the civilians the new government will get rid of will be the very ones they should keep - and the time-serving, oxygen-thieving dross will survive. And all too quickly, maintain or re-build their useless bloody empires.

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