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From the Andrew Bolt blog. (My boldface.)

A BRITISH jihadist is suspected of developing chemical weapons for the terrorists behind the Kenyan shopping centre massacre, raising fears that al-Qaeda will use them on Western targets.

Madhi Hashi, 24, is accused of being a leading figure in al-Shabaab, the African affiliate of al-Qaeda. He was captured while preparing to fly to Yemen to discuss the group’s campaign…

Mr Hashi was born in Mogadishu and came to Britain in 1995, obtaining citizenship in 2004. Last summer his family was told that Theresa May, the Home Secretary, had revoked his citizenship because he was “involved in Islamist extremism and presented a risk to national security”.
I think Tony Abbott would get a lot of support (except of course, from the ALPBC and Fairfax) if he did something similar with more than a few "hyphen-Australians" who seem to think their "hypen" more important than their "Australian" in their (all too often dual) citizenship.
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