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And they lost, don't forget. Hosed out by the electorate and voted back to (literally, in Gillard's case) the university refec.

I read Richo's article when it came out and thought it hit the spot. However, if the right wing of the ALP (particularly the former MPs turned penmeisters Richo and Latham) want to see the good ol' boys get back in the driving seat they need to address their own issues. Post election they can afford to be a little bit sanctimonious but only a little bit. A very little bit.

While their NSW branch still smells like a second hand sandshoe shop both of them would be better off not milking the moral high ground too much, otherwise people might have a close look at some of their current powerbrokers rather than simply enjoying articles written by former ones.

Irritating though the left can be, there's a lot of 'at least they're not racketeers' sentiment from the would-be believers. Of course I'm not suggesting anyone is a racketeer (your honour ) but there's a perception out in suburbia that the right are less than honest. 'They're dicks, but they're honest dicks' paraphrases a lot of pro-Albo commentary I've been hearing recently.
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