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It's pathetic isn't it. Slowly, slowly, Gillard is recasting her removal from office as the culmination of a long, sexist campaign against her.

A clever ploy - the charge of sexism works for both the Liberal Opposition and Gillard's own internal Opposition.

It's a 'sexier' story for the media too than boring old administrative incompetence.

The joke is that the last thing the Opposition wanted was to see Gillard go before the September election, and Gillard knows it. But, a brazen liar to the last, she bullsh*ts on. No doubt her book will build on the misogyny story.

Gillard will end up in the Labor pantheon at the right hand of Labor's über-hero Whitlam. In fact it will be the worst Labor PM in living memory next to the second worst - take your pick.

Why anyone takes the slightest notice of this dropkick is beyond me.

Tough luck Binghi. The truth will prevail.
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