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j3cub and Captbiggles,

I just had a read through the link that j3cub provided. It contains the FAQ letter (the one that many said didn't exist!). You guys are trying to say that anyone who accepted a CzFO position was foolish because, as you say : 'this position offers limited career progression" . You are trying to say that CzFOs would have been stuck in a dead end with very little chance for advancement.

That's not what the FAQ paper (it's not an add!) actually says. You have selectively quoted words and failed to grasp the context. What is written is revealing as to where and how you are wrong:


At our initial start up there will be
limited ability to progress from Cruise Relief First Officer to Senior First
Officer; however, Cruise Relief First Officer's will have the opportunity to
expand their experience within the Virgin Blue group fleet (B737, Embraer). V
Australia's preferred option is to progress flight crew vertically, but should
this not be possible after 2 - 3 years, the Cruise Relief First Officer may
elect to apply for a position with Virgin Blue as First Officer, through the
normal Virgin Blue application process. V Australia will assist in facilitating
this process, and credit will be given for the applicant's service with V
Australia. In a similar fashion, should that person, after 2 -3 years with
Virgin Blue wish to return to V Australia as a Senior First Officer, he/she will
need to apply for the position through the normal internal process. Once again,
credit will be given for the applicant's previous service with V Australia as
Cruise Relief First Officer.

Very clearly, there was the intent for a career path for CzFOs. The caveat being that in the start up phase, there would be not much seat swapping.

I'm not sure whether you have genuinely mis-interpreted the written words or if you are being a mischief maker. 2 things are clear: 1) You and a few other have a bee in your bonnet about CzFOs and 2) It would be a sensible thing to include a comprehension assessment at intake for pilot candidates, because some people out there simply can't understand, or interpret, written English.
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