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Advantage of a smaller new offshore company, I took our proposals to change SOP's direct to top management ignoring Quality abd Safety and their audit checklists. CEO and Ops manager asked for updates from this thread and what the big boys are saying as well as started asking casual questions to our crews.
Try that in a large, old, organization with well entrenched constituencies and see how far you get?

We have lots of very senior people who on the one hand want to push their agenda but very likely have defended their own Rice Bowl against similar challenges in the past as they worked their way up that greasy pole of management and training.

Turf Protection can be a sinister evil thing especially when done behind closed doors by a group of folks who share a secret handshake or membership in a society closed but to themselves and those they invite to participate.

Please note....I am not referring to the Free Masons, Knights of Columbus, or Salvation Army here.

But....I bet you can recognize the generic sorts of folks to whom I refer....by type, character, and ego size.

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