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No ILS at Scatsta. Shell took the ESB Operation there from EGPB to save money. no doubt about this.

ILS is available on both 16 and 34 at Aberdeen. Usually the active runways the one predominantly into wind.

Crews can request another runway other than the active.

The Operating Rules for onshore landings require NS heavy helicopters to adhere to Performance Class 1.

To achieve PC1 in EC heavies we use the CAT A Performance Supplement in the Flight Manual which prohibits landings with a downwind component. The "Landing" in this context is the very last bit from 40 knots and 100 feet. The direction of the approach runway may be different from the actual "Landing" if manoeuvring space exists like a crossing runway.

The regulations permit a Commander to ignore rule(s) if he believes the safety of his crew and passengers is better served by doing so.

There are many factors in play that result in a particular runway being favoured over another and it would be grossly unfair to the L2 Crew to comment on their decision as we do not have enough information but I am sure the AAIB will be looking at this aspect along with many others.


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