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Slezy9, - "Take a chill pill dude. It's the internets... If the people applying want to jump online and find others to be happy with then good luck to them.
I would be interested if you could explain what future pilots behave like? "

Internets?..........your syntax both astounds me and causes me great concern for the future of gramatically correct communications.

Future Pilots?

In my humble airline pilot opinion, pilots do not engage in self congratulating hubris. CAPT of QF 32 a case in point.
They avoid drinking decafinated soy latte's with low carb marshmallows on the side. If they make a contribution to society or their chosen field of venture, then they will generally not seek a pat on the back or surreptitious recognition for a very ordinary achievement such as finding out what format the recruitment tests take or being the number 564th applicant to be given the nod for the next hurdle of pilot selection this year.

They take advice when needed and ask intelligent and appropriate questions once they've made an effort to understand a system or situation themselves. Whingeing rarely, they are most happy talking aircraft and or subjects related to flying and never ever refer to another as "Dude"!

They are generally comfortable with seeking a solution via their own means before engaging anyone else and detest good old mummy-hug-spoon-feeding.

I anticipate that you will be bewildered by the use of the word surreptitious so have included a definition below for your benefit in pronunciation and definition.

sur·rep·ti·tious (sūrp-tshs)
adj. 1. Obtained, done, or made by clandestine or stealthy means.
2. Acting with or marked by stealth.

So, given that this thread is directed at providing said candidates with genuine and credible information to assist them with their preparations for a pilot application, my comments in a previous post stand as a guide to making the most of the information available in this thread and preventing it degenerating into a gab fest of self interest. There is very limited value in filling it with nonsensical 'facebookese" statements which generate little credibility for the writer and add no further value to the thread.

But thank you for your keen interest in my offerings, I am both grateful and humbled by your interest and trust that my reply has clarified for you, my meaning.


"Nothing worth while was ever gained the easy way"

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