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Does that mean out into harbour or just left for the
ice to crush them over winter ?
There aren't a whole lot of settlements up there to leave a boat. Right at the top there at the mouth of Prince Regent Inlet there's Arctic Bay/Nanisivik. Nanisivik has a deep water harbor from an iron ore mine that was open years back. Further up on that little island just outside the red circle, at the 10 o'clock position, there's Resolute Bay. Down that peninsula that juts up in the center of that map there's Taloyoak and further down there's Gjoa Haven, where Amundsen overwintered. For those stuck further east, east of Cape Bathurst, there's a couple of settlements along the McKenzie River delta, Cambridge Bay and Tuktoyaktuk. Those are the only places up there that I know of, where a boat could possibly be pulled out of the water. Far too often those adventurers have more money than brains. There should be a procedure in place whereby anyone attempting to traverse the NWP should have to post a hefty bond to cover the cost of having their butts pulled out of there by the Coast Guard. The bond would be repayable only after they've traversed.
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