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The requirement for anonymous voting is one of the technical reasons why computerised voting hasn't been implemented yet. It would certainly speed things up. AFAIK we don't yet have a way of protecting a system from vote manipulation without compromising the integrity of an individual's vote.

As for your other concerns, about your name being crossed off and being given pencils, they are answered on the AEC website if you are interested.

There is no requirement to fill out the vote in pencil, if you are concerned about people changing your vote (although counting is heavily scrutinised). It is just AEC convention/policy to provide pencils because they CAN be erased and don't run out at inconvenient times.

The double name crossing thing is probably the least secure of them all, but since you make a legal declaration when you get your name crossed off, that you haven't voted in this election, you make yourself liable for prosecution I should think. And it has worked that way for many years (or maybe it hasn't?!)
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