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The Sun is also a Murdoch paper and has tits and bums on page 3 and can be found in every working man's lunch box.
Maybe if the ALP were fair dinkum in trying to better the lot of the working person, ideally by strengthening the economy rather than spending like there's no tomorrow, they'd have a bit more cred.

As it is, they are coming across as being extremely out of touch with the 'grass roots', a bunch of professional pollies who've never done a proper day's work and their snouts in the trough.

Would any real worker in the country still believe their current union officials and those who've moved up the line into politics are really there to help them?

Although to be fair, Kev did once attend a titty bar, apparently, so he could claim a tenuous connection to the working man's page 3 bikini pic.
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