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Tekin Airstrip

Located 135 nm and bearing 215 from Wewak, Tekin approx 22/04 was at 5000' AMSL and was at one stage much shorter, until an extension made life a little easier. This was one of the regular strips that the MAF 185's went into. It had a 10% slope and surface varied along its length. There were 3 wind socks and it was common to have them all pointing different directions. On take-off, the bottom sock was out of view and pilots would find out later that it was a downwind lift off and departure, fully loaded.

Turbulence was a major issue from the terrain nearby and pilots were committed by short final to land, no go around. Left or right hand approach was possible but all overflew the strip to check it was clear, a football match was in progress on one pilots pass. "The C185 was certainly the most enjoyable type to fly, though the most user unfriendly", one MAF pilot suggested.

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