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Originally Posted by Flying Guy
"just read the altimeter setting and it was not too far off standard, so I am thinking it wasn't altimetry...29.97 is close enough to 29.92 that it shouldn't have caused the crash... "

AHHH, I guess we should always keep our altimeters at standard - avoid many accidents.
Not sure where you come up with this inane comment. Nobody suggested anything of the sort. The point was pretty obvious and it's amazing that you need it explained, but as you obviously missed it, here's what was meant: For the actual conditions existing at the time of *this* particular incident, forgetting to reset altimeters to QNH thru transition would have resulted in an altimeter error of approximately 50 feet, which obviously far too small to have resulted in *this* accident. The suggestion that resetting altimeters to QNH on descent be done away with exists solely within your imagination.
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