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avi8tor87....(and others), take this with the kindest of intentions. You must work on your grammar. I know this is just a forum but there is a word in the name of it, "Professional" pilots. Habits exposed in such awful grammar and punctuation do and will come out in any decent psychometric testing and/or interview. Try to get out of the bad habits now is all I'm suggesting.

Secondly, and as posted before myself, DO NOT read that poor excuse of a book "Ace the Pilot technical Interview". It is completely full of holes and descriptions of aerodynamic principles that are WRONG. Many airlines will ask you questions from that book to see if you've been silly enough to have used it. If you wish to study aircraft performance then study from an aircraft performance book! Aerodynamics for Naval Aviators is still one of the best for the basic stuff. The same is true for all other areas of study such as met or flight rules. That poor excuse of a book mentioned above is not even good for starting a fire as it would even get that wrong.

Good luck.

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