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splitzkreen03 - I converted from a JAA to a CAAP CPL/IR and I know a few guys who converted from FAA and CASA to CAAP.

If you hold a Philippine passport (as you do) you can convert your licence straight away without having to do 200hrs (there's a clause in the PICAR somewhere stating this fact) otherwise you'll just get a Validation initially. When i did it, they wanted to know I had a job to go to also.

If you just get the Validation initially it will allow you to start flying Philippine registered aircraft under the privileges of your 'mother' licence but you'll need to keep the Validation certificate and Ratings valid... so suggest you push for conversion.

To Validate/Convert as well as doing various things like Air Law exam, Eng Lang, Medical, Radio Lic etc you'll need to do 10 hours and a check in a light aircraft or if you come with a rating e.g 320 you can just do a check in the 320 without doing the light aircraft stuff.

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