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The North South divide from the Tory point of view

George Osborne's father-in-law has apologised after telling a shocked House of Lords fracking should happen in the North East because it is filled with "desolate areas".

Lord Howell of Guildford, whose daughter Frances is married to the Chancellor, claimed the controversial form of gas production could take place in the North East without any impact on the surrounding environment.

Environmental campaigners called the declaration "jaw-dropping" and Labour claimed it was further proof that the Tories are "out of touch" with ordinary Britons.

The Tory peer, who was energy secretary under Margaret Thatcher, argued that the same approach on fracking should not be taken in all regions.

"Would you accept that it could be a mistake to think of and discuss fracking in terms of the whole of the United Kingdom in one go?," he said at Lords Questions.

"I mean there obviously are, in beautiful natural areas, worries about not just the drilling and the fracking, which I think are exaggerated, but about the trucks, and the delivery, and the roads, and the disturbance, and those about justified worries."

He added: "But there are large and uninhabited and desolate areas, certainly in part of the North East where there's plenty of room for fracking, well away from anybody's residence where we could conduct without any kind of threat to the rural environment."
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