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Your quite right f-chops, the goal posts are moving. As they have been since military aviation began. At the moment the focus is Fast Jets, but the other types need a trickle feed of capable applicants too.

Flight training is very reactive and generally has a significant lag time, typically on the order of years. The chicken bones are very hard to read.

What does this mean to you guys?
...nothing. You are needed by the system to apply, you are required to do your best and not to be swayed like a politician by the 'polls' of how many spots are required and where. If you are the right applicant, at the right time you will find yourself on Pilots Course, hopefully by the end with wings and a 79SQN posting. If you are not you will find yourself employed in an area that better suits your unique and individual skill sets.

The bottom line is have a go, give it your best, don't worry about second hand knowledge on RAAF numbers. By the time it reaches you it is lagging reality anyway. Let your recruiters and QFI's decide. All we ask for is your best. Good luck.


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