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From what I hear from both Saerco and FerroNats the average performance of the new atcos has been well past dreadful. For both of these companies there have been cases where a student failed his/her 3 attempts at OJT and they just transfered that person to another tower to start there the whole process again.

Mind you, I heard about a month ago that FerroNats had reconsidered that practice and was not going to relocate a dude who failed 3 times at LEVC. There also seems to be a guy at LEZL who also failed the tird time but I'm not sure if they plan on reposition him.

In any case I know that both FerroNats and Saerco have started operations at several towers with less than the minimum amount of atcos approved by the spanish air safety agency (think of any serious, respected and independent institution... this one is the opposite ) claiming that the "excess" atcos where in order to allow for vacations and enough rotations but that they can start with fewer and hire more on the go. Call me a cynical (I do it every morning to the mirror as a sanity exercise ) but I don't expect that once the own staff of FerroNats/Saerco is responsible for training the next batch there will be a single drop-out, all will pass brilliantly.

The point I'm trying to make is that if you are desperate enough you could try again applying with both FerroNats and Saerco as they will need new hires, you already have their negative. Nevertheless I'd suggest you carefully read both their terms and conditions and the legal framework you will be bound to and then decide if you REALLY are that desperate.

Did you know that to quit the job you have to give them notice 7 months in advance? Or that you can be fined 4,5 MILLION for not attending an english exam or similar trifle things? As said, read carefully before your sign over your soul.
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