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Lyneham Bowl

As a Ground Engineer, and SNCO, our arrival back at Base after a long and often arduous route or deployment (), ended as we went our merry ways. Due to the make up of the crew, a mix of Officers, SNCOs and sometimes JNCOs, Airmen (SVCs and MAMS chaps) and even the lads from 47 AD, the Lyneham Bowl offered the chance to have a few beers together before "coming back to earth" so to speak. I had the good fortune to fly with several Captains, who, on return would ask if anyone would like to join him at "the bowl" for a wee beer before heading home. None of the Lyneham Messes offered a scruffs bar for all ranks. It was always a nice place to wind down, and most valued by all ranks in my opinion. In my later days, Lyneham Bowl was a great place to get our whole servicing team together to celebrate promotions etc. again a chance to informally have a laugh, get some feedback and put the world to rights, without airs and graces. I'm sure many ex Lyneham Aircrew will back up my statements here, and probably in a more lucid way.


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