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Stop your whining and man up. You and others complain about the costs of visa's etc etc etc; but those costs are a fraction of the costs for a useless type rating. But many didn't think twice about dropping $10-20K on a useless type rating. That money would have been better spent on going to Papua, Africa, etc and knocking on doors. Maybe getting a CFI certificate and working at a school in the States would be an option(before you say it can't be done, I know of two Indian nationals that work as Instructors at a school where I occassionaly rent planes). These kids WILL be working as airline pilots in India some day; you will still be arguing on PPRuNe about how it can't be done. And you know why people like those guys and why they will succeed? They have GREAT attitudes; which is something mommy and daddy's money can't buy.

Face time will get you much further than sending out resumes and arguing about the pedantics of certain posts from certain posters on PPRuNe. Will it cost money for securing visa's, tickets? Yes. Is it an uphill battle? Yes. Has it always been an uphill battle? Yes. Is it doable? Yes. It is up to you to differentiate yourself from the 6000 unemployed wet ticket CPL holders. But based on your attitdue, I see you most likely won't; but will continue to give Top Tup and others thousands of excuses why you can't do something and not one reason why you could. Maybe you should change your screen name to Downer Apache; as that would be more appropriate.
What I am trying to do is to light that fire and encourage you. Prove me wrong. You have obviously spent the time and money and you seem like a bright guy. Now you need to take some drastic steps. Yes, it will cost money to visit certain piston operators or get one's CFI but you can make it happen. The question is how badly do you want it.

In any event, good luck with what you decide. And the replies to Top Tup from you and JB: not cool at all.

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