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I wonder if anyone beyond those in this circular argument really give a F what any of us care? I don't think so. I haven't seen any change to US controllers or pilots in the few days since this thread started.
No, you're probably right that few controllers or pilots will change their ways of speaking on the radio based on this thread. And while I know that most of this thread is based on how the US ATC operates, I do think that some of the bashing of American pilots operating internationally is unfair. I hear them using standard ICAO procedures over the skies of Europe everyday. Pretty much every single transmission I hear from them include spelling out individual digits in their call sign and using that godawful word "decimal". What a useless word by the way. Especially combined with all the stupid frequencies that exists in Europe after 8.33 kHz spacing was implemented. Give me "thirty-five point one" over "one three four decimal two eight five" any day of the week.

I also see that some others agree with me regarding the use of "fully ready". Please explain to me once more, preferably one of you pretentious Brits, the difference between being ready for departure and fully ready for departure. Or being ready for start-up and fully ready for start-up? And why are some of you seemingly not able to utilize common sense and abbreviate your verbose exchanges, or speed up a bit, at times when it clearly is necessary? Classic example: late afternoon in a busy TMA with CBs all over. People are stepping on each other in order to get permission to deviate. In comes Mr. UK with a 45-sec monotone transmission that includes not only the who, the where, and the what, but also the information received, the STAR being flown, the squawk code and the a/c type. To include the "-300". KISS FFS.

In conclusion, having flown domestically in the US for several years as a non-native English speaker, and now operating all over Europe, I definitely know which system I prefer. I'll take the land of the free any day, please. And add bacon.

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