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1) English based RT for all professionals (it's a good exercise for every non native English speaker). Mixing RT languages will continue to cause problems.
2) native english ATCO to non native guest: treat them as such. From the first contact you're able to judge what proficiency level you are dealing with.
3) native english speaking pilots visiting: behave like a guest - same remedy.
Brilliant. Someone buy this man a cigar.

Deefer: while I appreciate your sentiments (as noted, I had many pet peeves about standard R/T and in particular read backs) in general, the flavour of your OP was both of a wind up and a bash.
That is how your OP came off.
Not sure if that is what was intended.

To repeat, as I noted to Mary in re LaGuardia, it ain't just foreigners who have difficulty with that comms environment.

I seem to recall that the OP's origin was linked directly to Asiana mishap and the wide ranging discussion in that mega-thread.

I reject the insinuation that comms at SFO was the cause of the accident, or even a causal factor: (When the NTSB report goes final, we'll see if my view matches the investigators' views).

1. Aviate
2. Navigate
3. Communicate

Priority order, right? Pri 1 seems to have been missed.

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